At Newell Rubbermaid, we not only believe in environmental sustainability, but also try to live it every day. In April, we launched our Green Office Campaign to do our part to contribute to environmental sustainability and protect the planet via the one place virtually all of our employees have in common - the workplace.

The campaign encourages environmentally-responsible employee behaviour, promotes the use of energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly office equipment and supplies, develops sustainable practices for building utilities and operations and provides training on best practices and communications to keep employees up to date on our efforts.

Doing our part to protect the environment isn't just the right thing to do; it's also a business imperative. With products available in more than 75 countries, Newell Rubbermaid is committed to developing, implementing, and sustaining proactive policies and practices that promote worker, environmental and community well-being.

Here are just some of the steps we are taking to protect the environment, as part of our Green Office Campaign:

Offices - We have recycling programmes at various levels all across the company, where we recycle paper, plastic, aluminium, cardboard, glass and more. The new EMEA head office building just west of Paris is a "green" building with energy efficient features and a heat absorbing greenhouse. The new corporate head office building that opened in Atlanta during the summer of 2008 is energy efficient and features a comprehensive recycling programme with recycling containers in all meeting rooms and at every desk.

The Rubbermaid Commercial Products head office in Luxembourg is another green innovative building, with a primary objective to reduce the consumption of resources and optimise the use of energy.


Just some examples:

  • 1. Total HVAC & Electricity consumption: 70 kW / m2 / year.
  • 2. Heat recovery / recycling: 78% at 12C exterior

The building is constantly heated, ventilated, cooled and de-humidified to maintain an interior temperature between 26 and 32 all year round. An excellent luminosity is provided by the smart combination of wood, concrete, glass and metal to ensure a comfortable stay.


Green IT initiatives - We focus on reducing the amount of energy we use, educating employees about the role they can play and encouraging them to use tools that use less energy. These efforts includes reducing the number of desktop printers, copy and fax machines the company uses, setting up network printers to automatically print on both sides of a page, promoting the use of online meeting tools, video conferencing and teleconferencing, to reduce the amount of travel, thereby helping to reduce emissions globally
Another example of our green efforts is an efficient lighting initiative, now installed at 10 of our facilities, as well as the Rubbermaid Commercial Products head office in Luxembourg. This initiative has saved nearly $1 million in energy costs annually, reduced our power consumption by nearly 16 million kilowatt hours and reduced carbon dioxide emissions by more than 15,500 tons.

The Rubbermaid Commercial Products factory - A meaningful number of our customers care about sustainability, we can support them with our Products which are manufactured, packaged and delivered in an environmentally responsible manner.

Some facts:

  • 70% of our products are produced in our state-of-the art factory in Winchester, Virginia, USA.
  • 0% factory emissions as the resin is melted at a high temperature
  • 0% acid rain contribution from our factory.
  • 100% of Nonconforming Product Reground and Reused
  • 3,000,000+ hours without a lost time accident

Furthermore our products support Sustainable practices and results Green Cleaning, Indoor Air/Environmental Quality, Reduction of Cross-Contamination, Recycling, Worker Well-being, Energy/Chemical/Water Use Reduction.

Textiles - Our Blue, Green and Cotton Mops contain a high percentage of recycled material (as much as 100%).

Metal Our Metal Containers contain a minimum of 30% recycled steel. Aluminum Containers contain a minimum of 70% recycled aluminum.

Plastic - All plastic products made in Winchester include up to 25% recovered material, starting end of June 2008 a large range of Recycling products contains 30% Post consumer resin (PCR).

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