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New Slim Jim® Step-On Containers 11-12-2014

New lines of pedal bins designed to satisfy the diverse needs of any facility

Rubbermaid Commercial Products is proud to introduce two new lines of Slim Jim Containers designed to satisfy the diverse needs of any facility.

Available in front step and end step styles, Slim Jim Step-On containers provide optimal solutions based on your space requirements. Unlike other step-on containers that scratch walls when the lid is activated, the Slim Jim's internal hinge design keeps the surroundings intact. Premium quality materials and finish enhance aesthetics of any environment.

The containers maximise space efficiency with a small footprint and slim profile ensuring a perfect fit in even the tightest spaces. Enhance environment aesthetics, ensure safety and well-being, and improve productivity.

The Slim Jim Step-On containers are available in both resin and stainless steel, five sizes and six colours.

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