LumeCel™ MB3000 Dispenser

Microburst® 3000
Battery-Free Dispensing Systems

Rubbermaid Commercial Products introduces a revolutionary new technology to air care—the Microburst® 3000, powered by the LumeCel™ rechargeable energy system. With easy, flexible programming, and world-class reliability, the Microburst 3000 offers an effective air freshening system that is now better and safer for the environment.



Simple By Nature. Simple By Design.



 LumeCel™ captures energy from regular indoor lighting

Like a solar panel capturing energy from the sun, LumeCel captures energy from any indoor light source.


LumeCel™ is Smart
LumeCel’s rechargeable energy cells are made from fully recyclable nickel metal hydride technology. Super efficient, they store energy from light, providing internal electrical power at nearly 100% efficiency. Easy to use, ready for use, right out of the box.


LumeCel™ is Clean
LumeCel’s revolutionary green energy system is the cleanest, best choice for the environment. It’s 100% recyclable and eliminates the need to manufacture, use and dispose of alkaline batteries. This equals no continual landfill or toxic alkaline battery disposal fees, minimal environmental impact and a higher LEED certification.


1 = 30*
One LumeCel Rechargeable Energy Cell will last as long as 30 conventional alkaline batteries.
*based on typical dispenser settings


LumeCel™ lasts for years and years
This globally-patented revolutionary green energy system is completely self-powered and guaranteed to run automatically for at least 15 years.


LumeCel™ saves time and money
Staff will no longer need to purchase, store, replace and dispose of batteries. LumeCel is also virtually maintenance free, reducing the potential of workplace mishaps or accidents.


Converting your existing Microburst 3000 Air Care System to LumeCel’s revolutionary green technology is quick and easy. Simply remove the existing Microburst 3000 front cover, and replace with a LumeCel retrofit cover, which includes solar panels and the rechargeable energy cell.

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