Ultraclean Formula Triclosan-Free

New Ultraclean Triclosan-Free Formulation

A highly innovative and powerful formulation based on Lactic Acid: totally natural active ingredients. A versatile premium free-n-clean soap with antibacterial agents available in foam and spray systems.















We respect the environment, We care about the health of our customers, We anticipate regulation standards through innovative solutions!

protection   sustainability
• Contains Lactic acid, an organic based natural ingredient from renewable sources that plays a role in various biochemical
• Powerful formulation helps to control the growth of
microorganism on the skin
• Contains no Triclosan or Quats that makes the product more
sustainable with a reduced bioaccumulation
• Free from harsh components
• Cleaning effectiveness has been tested in in-vivo laboratory test
• Dermatologically tested under the control of a dermatological
• Safe for use with most delicate skin
• Non-toxic and non-irritating to skin
• Foam rinses of hands quickly and easily
  • Sustainable formula: Ecolabel Certified
• Contains readily biodegradable surfactants
• Limited impact on the aquatic ecosystem
• Complies with the strict requirements of biological degradation
• Limited packaging waste
• Refill packaging is designed in such manner that air ingress into
the cartridge is prevented. No external cross-contamination of the soap can take place. A hygienic safe product can be
• EN 1499 compliant
• The perfume and dye free formulation makes it possible to use the soap in various application areas : ideal for food areas
schools, hospitals, long term care, hotels, leisure


Ref. Description Capacity
1898476 Flex EnrichedFoam Ultraclean - Triclosan-free 500 ml
1898475 Flex EnrichedFoam Ultraclean - Triclosan-free 1300 ml
1898474 Autofoam Ultraclean - Triclosan-free 1100 ml
1898477 Foam Soap Ultraclean - Triclosan-free 800 ml
1898479 Spray Soap Ultraclean - Triclosan-free 400 ml
1898478 Spray Soap Ultraclean - Triclosan-free  800 ml
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