Clean Water System

Cleans the water so you can clean the floors!

Introducing the Rubbermaid HYGEN™ Clean Water System (1791797), a revolutionary floor cleaning system with an integrated water filter that improves productivity, reduces water & chemical usage, and creates healthier, safer environments

Designed to promote green cleaning and improve cost and labour efficiency, this revolutionary system provides several distinct benefits:

  • Generates cleaner water
  • Improves productivity while reducing chemical and water waste
  • Cleans up to 1000m2 with one bucket fill according to the test conducted by British Institute of Cleaning Science.
  • Microfibre mops are proven to remove 99.9% of microbes to reduce cross contamination
  • Best-in-class microfibre design provides consistent and streak-free coverage
  • Mops are durable up to 1000 launderings for best cost-in-use
  • Twin roller design improves wringing efficiency
  • Built-in agitators remove 25% more dirt from the mop

The Rubbermaid HYGEN™ Clean Water System (1791797) will transform the way maintenance professionals clean their facilities. The Rubbermaid HYGEN™ Clean Water System actually takes the dirt out of the water so you can mop an entire floor with clean water, making your floors cleaner than ever before. With a single fill, the bucket provides clean water for an entire shift, eliminating unproductive trips to the janitor's closet. In addition to the filter, the system also incorporates a number of other innovative features:

System features

Finally a system engineered for the demands of office buildings, restaurants, schools, and hospitality.

  1. Based on internal testing
  2. Based on internal testing vs. RCP side press wringer
  3. As measured by turbidity of less than 20 NTU
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  • ROI Calculator
  • Introduction Video
  • How to Video
  • Butler University Case Study

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  • BICS
    British Institute of Cleaning Science:
  • AICS
    American Institute of Cleaning Science:
  • Water Aid


    Rubbermaid Commercial Products is proud to be supporting WaterAid ( WaterAid is an international non governmental organisation which uses practical and sustainable solutions to improve poor people’s access to safe water, improved hygiene and throughout Africa, Asia and the Pacific region.

    For a period of no less than three years, Rubbermaid Commercial Products will donate a minimum of 1% of the value of sales of the HYGEN™ Clean Water System to WaterAid.

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